See what Kiki the vice president daughter said about Erica

“Erica gets disqualified” Moments ago, Biggie gathered all of the housemates to the lounge and as the usual, whenever on of them errs, a video of the misbehavior is played for the rest of the housemates to watch.

All the happenings of Erica misbehavior last night was played for the rest of the housemates to watch which was much to each and every one of them is surprise and Erica too could be seen wearing a disappointed look.

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Erica gets disqualified

It should be recalled that Erica was on the verge of disqualification as she had two strikes before yesterday and her whole misbehavior of yesterday caused for her disqualification.

She’s now out of the Big Brother game and has missed her chance of winning the grand prize of 85million Naira.

On the other hand,  Erica gets disqualified Neo was also issued a strong warning for being an obstacle to a fellow housemates which was an infringement to Big Brother house rules.

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See the screenshot from Kiki below

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