Fedral Government begins to prove N2.67bn school feeding funds in private accounts


Following the finding of N2.67 billion installment made to some administrative universities for school taking care of during the lockdown which was found by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission, ICPC, to have been occupied to private records, Federal government, Tuesday requested a full-scale examination to disentangle the puzzle behind the preoccupation. On September 29, Chairman of ICPC, Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye said the commission had found installments to some government universities for school taking care of in the whole of N2.67 billion during lockdown when the youngsters are not in school, and a portion of the cash wound up in close to home records.

Responding to this after around seven days the story broke, Director Press and Public Relations in the Federal Ministry of Education, Ben Bem Goong, said through an announcement: “Following the report of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission, that the entirety of N2.67 billion delivered to the 104 Unity Colleges during the COVID – 19 lockdown for feast sponsorships discovered its way into singular records, the Minister of Education, Adamu, has requested a full-scale examination concerning the issue.

Because of inquiries gave by the Federal Ministry of Education, the Principals clarified that installments on supper sponsorships to Unity Colleges on the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System, stage is intended to oblige singular officials of those universities who are authoritatively perceived to get such installments and dispense same to food sellers. “This followed challenges experienced by ranchers, neighborhood food sellers, and market ladies who don’t have Tax Identification Numbers, PENCOM, and different prerequisites to get to the installment stage. “The chiefs additionally clarified that installments made during the lockdown time frame had to do with obligations owed food sellers even before COVID – 19, some of which are as yet forthcoming, including that these obligations emerged from sporadic and lacking budgetary assignments and deliveries throughout the long term.

“The examination is to build up the veracity of the cases to guarantee that there is no redirection of public assets or misappropriation of same. “To this end, the Ministry in accordance with the Minister’s order is to work together adequately with authorities of the ICPC to uncover the realities just as locate an enduring answer for the installment framework for supper endowments that will guarantee responsibility and straightforwardness.”

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