Between Zara and Kiki the President and vice president daughters who is more beautiful

Which of the them is the most beautiful

President’s daughter and the Vice President’s daughter, Zahra Buhari and Kiki Osinbajo respectively are what we have to say today, we want to share with you the most  prettiest among the two. Checkthings about them and their pictures below the president’s daughter;


1. Zahra Buhari

President's daughter

The President Of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has a lot of children, daughters especially and Zahra Buhari is one of them. Zahra Buhari is the daughter of the President and she such a very beautiful lady, she’s the most popular among the daughters of the president.

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Like I previously said Zahra Buhari is a beautiful lady, check out some of her beautiful pictures below;

2. Kiki Osinbajo

The Vice President Of Nigeria is Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and he has a beautiful daughter whose name is Kiki Osinbajo.


Kiki Osinbajo is a fashion enthusiast, she’s so popular on the internet and she looks very beautiful, no matter how she dresses she look gorgeous. Check out some of her beautiful pictures below;

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